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under cabinet lights

  1. Under Cabinet Lighting - LED

    Hey guys, I took possession of a brand new build this week, and am looking to add some under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. (builder wanted an arm and a leg for it, and im happy enough to diy). I did have the builder rough in the electrical, meaning the switch is installed and I have...
  2. Hardwire under cabinet light plug

    Hello, I recently purchased some utilitech undercabinet low voltage LED puck lights from lowes, slim seek polished metal ones. I didn't quite think things through though as I started to install them. I mounted all the lights and had to splice some wire onto some of the lights to extend them so...
  3. Under Cabinet Lighting

    I am remodeling kitchen and want to prepare for under-cabinet lighting install. I initially installed outlet boxes in the ceiling so I could plug in an LED transformer and then run to lights, but now I'm thinking I'll use something else that preferably is less expensive and uses line voltage...
  4. Trying to decide how to wire undercabinet lighting

    Let me start by saying, we live in a condo in a major city and we are probably going to sell in the next year so if the best recommendation to make sure that I am in compliance with code is to hire an electrician so be it. I would really like to do the work myself however. If an electrician is...
  5. New LED Under Cabinet Lights

    I am installing new LED under cabinet lights in my kitchen. The lights are part of a whole kitchen lighting set. The old lights (fluorescent) and existing wiring have 2 black and 2 white wires plus a ground. The new LED lights only have 1 black, 1 white, and the ground. How do I connect these...