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  1. Home Theater
    Hey everyone. Not sure if this has been posted before or not, but I'm trying to setup a ceiling mounted TV that disappears into the ceiling. I have the TV and counterweight mounted. The route for the cabling is also setup. I have a garage door opener with a length of chain in the middle of...
  2. Home Theater
    Hi all. I’m redoing my fireplace and installing 1.25" thick stone veneer wall and want to plan for tv install above fireplace as well. Debating between these options: 1. Leaving a space in the stone wall for tv mount (looking at drop mount so space would be fairly large) 2. Install full...
  3. Home Theater
    I'm mounting a 46" flat panel TV to a living wall and I want to make sure I anchor the four mounting screws securely. My studfinder is showing that the studs are approx. 3" wide instead of 1.5". So I've read this could mean that the studs have been doubled up for extra strength if this is a...
1-3 of 3 Results