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tub drain help

  1. old Kohler overflow cover problem

    Hope those pictures help. The old overflow pictured is a one piece screw on without holes or flange with holes behind it to screw into. Is there a way to insert / screw on backing behind this to use a new 2 screw overflow cover? Any suggestions or has anyone ran into this before? Thank you...
  2. Basement tub/shower below drain?

    We want to put a shower, or even just a tub, in the basement with a guestroom. Unfortunately, the sewer drain exits a full 2 feet above the floor. To make matters worse, the ceiling is less than 7 feet high, so there's no room to raise the unit above the drain. Are there such things as pumps...
  3. Bathtub drain in a new basement bathroom

    Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance. I am building a new bathroom in my basement, and the concrete floor was poured with sewer already stubbed in. I am currently at the stage where I have the bathroom framed in, and am trying to figure out how to handle the shower or tub. I have been around...
  4. Tub Drain Cover

    Hi, I am a first time homeowner and this question maybe kind of silly but. My tub is missing the drain cover and looks bad. We do not know the name of manufacturer as I was told I need the name to replace the piece. There is also no spot I see to screw in a plate either. It is just open to the...