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  1. Garage beam load capacity

    My garage has a 13 x 3.5 inch beam, spanning 22 feet (wall to wall), running perpendicular to and under the rafters (see photo). I have been slowly tearing off the add-ons that previous owners screwed and hammered into it (it was serving as a support for an owner-installed overhead shelf that I...
  2. Truss for 8x8 Shed

    Building & Construction
    Hello Everyone - I have quick question - I'm building an 8x8 shed and the suggestion is to use 1/2" plywood gussets to connect the members. I'm wondering if it would be sufficient to use a metal bracket like this...
  3. Indoor Swinging Chair...from truss?

    Building & Construction
    We hung a suspended chair from our attic truss, and are wondering if that was wise. We drilled 3/16 pilot holes and used (2) 1/4 lag screws to hold a D-ring and plate vertically, against the indoor ceiling, so the weight of the swing is held by the integrity of the lag screws thread's hold...
  4. Is this wall load bearing?

    Building & Construction
    Ok, so my wife wants to tear out a wall, we had our friend who builds trusses for a living come check it out and he is pretty sure it’s not load bearing, but I’m a doubting Thomas, I’m looking for more opinions. My biggest concern is that I noticed all of my trusses are spliced on the bottom...
  5. Attic Storage

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I need some expert advice to convert the 24x12 space over my garage into usable storage. It was built with a truss which I will describe. The Rise is 116" and the Run is 135" with an approximate pitch of 7/16 The Common Rafter is 177" with a 85" brace truss from the base of the Rise to...
  6. Do trusses mean support is on exterior walls? (conflicting engineer opinions)

    Building & Construction
    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate your help. We are opening up the floorplan of a 2-story townhome that was built in the 80s. We hired a structural engineer who recommended a 24" steel beam for a 27' span to remove some walls between the kitchen and living room. My...
  7. IRC maximum overhang with truss

    Building & Construction
    Background I am in the planning stages of a house that I will build this summer. The original plans called for a stick frame roof with the roof covering a 6 foot porch supported by columns at the front of the porch. We decided to gain a bonus space by using room in attic trusses. The truss...
  8. Labor savings by using trusses instead of tji

    Building & Construction
    Im doing a fairly large addition (2 floors app 2000 sq ft). I've decided to spend the extra G and with trusses rather than tji or I joists. How much money could I guess to save in labor for hvac, plumber, and electrician by making such a change?
  9. Removing bracing studs(?) from attic trusses

    Building & Construction
    I built a loft about 3 feet below the existing ceiling of my garage for additional storage & removed the ceiling drywall so that I would have head room into the attic space. I have attached photos of some studs that I would like to remove that seem to me like they are only there as a means of...
  10. Wood Truss

    Building & Construction
    Is a 52 foot span for a wood truss to big?
  11. 2x4 cabin, what can these walls handle?

    Building & Construction
    Hello. I just acquired a fixer upper. I am starting a major remodel. This structure is somewhat different from conventional framing I worked on. The house is 24 x 48 ft rectangle. Walls are 2x4 with 16 oc. Siding is T1-11. Roof is common truss with 2/12 pitch and asphalt shingle. Inner...
  12. Custom Stick Truss Design

    Building & Construction
    Hey Guys, I'm building a 24 x 48 passive greenhouse. I need to span the 24' with the back wall being 9' and the front wall 4' high. The walls are poured 10" and 8" concrete walls respectfully. I'm having trouble finding treated trusses in the style I need. My south roof needs to be 12/12 pitch...
  13. Internal replacement of truss roof with stick roof

    Building & Construction
    I've got a roof frame 84" high, 175" long, and 240" wide made of W trusses. I'd like to replace it with a stick roof frame by carrying the boards up there and nailing them into place. More specifically: the 240" width has a load bearing dividing wall (it is two rooms underneath) such that the...
  14. Installing an attic above my 2 car garage

    I have a two car garage with gable roof which has not had a ceiling attached, and so is open up to the rafters. I want to install an attic above with pull down stairs for access. Questions: 1.) Should I sister the bottom chords with beams larger that what the bottom chords are built with...
  15. truss roof conversion. Possible?

    Hello all. Just purchased a relatively new home in Florida with the newer style truss roof. A bit of a waste of space, the attic area is enormous. Thinking of projects for down the road a bit... Does anyone know if it's possible to convert a truss roof to a traditional roof with rafters (and...