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  1. No Hot Water

    Hi everyone Since this morning I have had no hot water (from all my faucets). My water heater is in the back of the attic, and I would like to go and check it (carefully) to see if I can troubleshoot on my own, but not sure I can. Is there a U-tube or advice on here that you can give me...
  2. Arch Flash Circuit Interrupter Breakers

    Hello, I have a situation where we had a Arch Flash in our bathroom recepticle and now there's no power to the receptacles or lighting there. We had a remodel over a year ago and the electrical panel was upgraded to a larger capacity panel. The contractor installed Arch Flash Circuit...
  3. Outlet mess in purchased house

    My wife and I bought our first home ~8 months ago. Guys who owned it previously bought it to do minor remodels (including installing solar panels that feed into the grid) and tried to resell. Sold it to us for basically the same they paid. Guy who owned the house before them was a very...
  4. Potential Major Wiring Issue for the Experts

    Hey all, some backstory: I've been working on rewiring my new home and have successfully updated the wiring to have dedicated 20a circuits for most of the appliances. Now the hard part begins of actually replacing all the runs for receptacles and lights in all the rooms. Before you ask, I...
  5. Carrier furnace troubleshoot

    I'm troubleshooting a carrier furnace for a friend, history: he had someone else rewire after changing fan, it was completely wrong & had a burnt fuse when I rewired it correctly. But now the furnace is burning fuse out now, even with the wiring exactly like the schematics show it should be. Is...
  6. Testing a Gas Valve

    My plumber took a look at the pilot flame of my gas furnace which wouldn't stay on, and then said that it was either the thermocouple or the gas valve. He didn't have time to take care of it then. I measured the thermocouple with my multimeter and I got 0.2-0.3 V. The plumber on the phone said...
  7. Dryer noise

    My dryer is making a clicking sound like a coin is loose and tumbling but nothing is inside? There's nothing stuck when I open the door and it's never made this noise before. I can not find anything that could be making this noise. There are two vents in the back but I can not find a way to...
  8. GFCI Troubleshooting

    Outdoor GFCI circuit. This powers a transformer connected to a string of walkway lights mounted in a masonry knee wall that forms the front wall of a 40' long planter box, having a masonry fence wall as its other side. Planter was washed with hot road patch tar to waterproof the planter, which...
  9. Wiring Issue: Problem solving

    Hi: I am presently trying to wire my detached garage in the backyard. My brother rna conduit out to the garage and wire a single outlet recepticle which worked fine. However since there are two garage doors and since we wanted to add an outlet, switch and light at the back of the garage, we...