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treated lumber

  1. Use of non treated wood on porch columns

    Building & Construction
    Hey all, i am reconstructing a porch column that I found was rotting at the base. the previous builder did NOT use and treated wood on the column, and the plywood that was redheaded to the ground had rotted out along with the base of the 2x4 frame. I am using treated lumber to frame out the...
  2. Should I be concerned with treated wood in raised garden bed?

    Gardening Forum
    Hello I just build a 4' x 12' raised garden bed using 4" x 4" AC2 treated lumber. I've read that it could be concerning to use treated lumber in vegetable garden beds like this. One solution I've read about is putting 6mil plastic around the inside of the bed to minimize leaching of the...
  3. Rotten Garage (i got wordy, sorry)

    Building & Construction
    I have a detached 2-car garage with wood lap siding, and pseudo brick facade. Due to an improperly installed "decorative ledge" on either side of the front(east face) of the garage on either side of the door(16'x 6'6"), I have massive water damage to the underlying lumber. The ledges tilted...
  4. removing treated lumber edging

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I am looking for any advice or techniques for removing old (probably 50 year old) treated lumber edging that is falling apart in places. Most of the edging is two pieces of the lumber (one on top of the other) with rebar driven through them every couple feet. As the lumber was treated with CCA...