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  1. Just Rebuilt Sewer Drain - Still Backing Up?

    It was a crazy weekend... Attached you'll see a before/after images of of my project. I appreciate any advice! Before pic - My cast iron drain started overflowing alot from the washer drain inlet a couple weeks ago. I opened the rubber cap at the end of the sewer line and did by best to...
  2. Gurgling water in trap with pressure switch on error

    Hi everyone! I'm learning a lot about furnace repair this season. A week ago, I replaced the control board on my Goodman after the HVAC person said it was faulty. Instead of paying them $700 to replace it, I ordered the $50 part myself and it's been working great until today. The issue now is...
  3. No Room Beneath Soaker - extended P Trap?

    I am installing a soaker tub in an area where the joists directly below cannot be cut. We are building a platform under the tub however I want this to be as short as possible. If we put the P Trap directly below the drain we have a 10" platform. If we run a pipe from the drain approx. 38"...
  4. Where to cut shower drain?

    Hello everyone. I've decided to replace a fiberglass shower pan with a mud set pan in our walk-in shower so I will need to put a new drain in. My question is, should I go ahead and cut the plumbing past the trap and replace all of it, or just cut right below the drain and re-use the trap. I...
  5. Basement Bathroom Plumbing for a Rookie

    Basement Bathroom Plumbing Challenge This is my first forum thread as well as my first major plumbing project so between the two I hope to survive and maybe learn a little! I am building a full bath in the lowest level of a 1972 split level home. I am adding a toilet, sink, shower, and...
  6. Broken slip joint nut (metal drain pipe)

    Hello, I just installed a new faucet and the drain that came with it. In removing the slip nut joining the trap to the pipe coming out of the wall, the nut basically tore on the top side of it so that it exposes the lip beneath it and it can actually now be rocked side to side (left and right...
  7. Vertical In-Line Drain Trap

    Has anyone seen one of these before? What is it called? It looks like an S-trap, but apparently the landlord ordered it somewhere. I'm concerned it's intended for a different application. I've got a sneaking suspicion this is not to code. The sink drain outlet is directly above the drain in the...
  8. Sewer Odor in Shower But Trap Has Water

    I really hope some of the experts can help me figure this out. I renovated our master bath back in April and hired a plumber to do the one task I couldn't - move the shower drain and install the shower base. Everything else I did myself. Fast forward a week or so after completion and I noticed...
  9. How to combine radon mitigation with drain tile/window wells?

    I am in the process of soliciting bids for a contractor to take up my basement concrete slab, lower the grade a foot, and pour a new concrete floor. My radon levels were 2.4 and 2.0 when I bought the house five years ago. Fairly low, but I thought they could be lower. Therefore, I have...
  10. What type of trap is this on my sewage line?

    Here this is a picture of my sewage line before it leaves the house for the street. Is it a running trap and do you notice anything illegal about it? The house is probably 50-100 years old. Thanks
  11. Kitchen sink plumbing leak

    The townhouse a friend of mine is renting out has a leak around the trap of the kitchen sink. He is not in the area anymore, so he asked if I could take a look at it. I've had some experience doing minor plumbing work, and am fairly confident I can take care of things when seeing this...
  12. Can't get water flow to return to bathroom sink

    while trying to address a small leak from the trap of our bathroom sink, my husband turned off the water at the shut off valves. when he turned them back on only a small trickle of water will flow through the faucet. it feels like there is no pressure in the pipes. we have water flowing...
  13. Pros have seen an Offset tailpiece for Lavatory ?

    I need an offset tailpiece to solve a trap fitting problem. Has anyone seen one that looks similar to the one in the picture I've posted here. My plumber roughed in the drain too close to the sink drain and also angled it *towards* the drain so I can't even reverse the J bend to get more...
  14. washer drain line

    I'm moving my washer in the laundry room, but I have a question about drainage. We're on a septic system here, and the current washer drains into a french drain system and is carried 200 plus feet from the house out into a field. (Apparently, this is up to code in Alabama.) My question...
  15. Getting raccoon out of my attic

    Pest Control
    I keep hearing noises in my attic (more of a crawl space). My roofer identified the roof ventilator as the possible entry point and has sealed it with wire mesh. The pest control person I called 8 days ago was able to trap a couple of squirrels the first two days, but no more squirrels are...
  16. Location of Traps?

    What is a typical requierment for the location of a trap under a sink or laundry tub? I find plenty of references to the maximum distance from the trap to the vent. It is obviously normal to see a trap directly under the sink - but does it have to be? Can it be a few feet away? As an example, on...
  17. Laundry Room Drain Set-Up - is it okay?

    I am replumbing the laundry room in our house. I staged the fittings that I am planning on using to see if it is an okay setup. I am using a 2 inch vent (out the roof) and drain with combination tee wye fittings for the washing machine drain with a separate vent before draining vertically (also...
  18. Need help re-routing kitchen sink vent

    Hello, I'm about to embark on a kitchen reno where I will replace all the kitchen cabinetry, update electrical to latest code, and tie into existing plumbing. I (admittedly) have little experience in plumbing, but this isn't a very big job. The new sink is going in the same exact location. My...