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  1. Electrical
    Need some help. I'm trying to have the maximum torque on a shredding motor that can run off of a regular household plug (15amp). I've been buying all kinds of motors to no end. Any suggestions on what is possible? My goal is maximum torque (lb-in) with RPM's around 40 if possible, but can settle...
  2. Electrical
    I have an old Stearns motor brake that holds up a heavy attic ladder (staircase) when the power is off. It is 1.5 ft-lb and 115 VAC. It is not holding the weight of the ladder very well. I've tried adjusting the solenoid air gap, torque spring and it still slips. Would it hurt if I replaced...
  3. Electrical
    Hello all! For those of you that have been following my saga, here's one last turn! When the city inspector came out to inspect my electrical work on my triplex in California, he told me that he'll pass me as soon as I give him a torque letter to take the liability off of the city and put it...
1-3 of 3 Results