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  1. To seed or not to seed

    Gardening Forum
    I just completed two large retaining walls, each about 25' x 20' and filled them with topsoil. I knew I could not do any serious garden planting before winter hits here in upstate NY zone 5, but a friend suggests I put down winter rye just to get roots in the dirt and organic activity going...
  2. How deep to excavate for new driveway

    Building & Construction
    I am putting in a very long driveway on my property; approximately 770' long. The driveway will be used to bring in a manufactured (not modular) home so it needs to handle the weight of the semi's and the crane. My question is How deep do I need to excavate the topsoil before putting in...
  3. topsoil and/or mulch?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    The soil height along the foundation of my home has been slowly falling over the years and there's about 4 or 5 inches of foundation exposed now. The shrubbery in front of the house needs replacing, but I can't afford that right now. So, I'm not interested in spending money to make sure they...
  4. Best Way to Establish Plantings Over Sand

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    My house sits on a site that is ledge (bedrock) over very shallow (rocky) soil. The house itself in built on concrete piers that sit directly on the bedrock. The builder excavated down to to bedrock and then back-filled around the concrete piers using a tremendous amount of what appears to be...