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  1. Tools
    going to try to build a desk in a bay window, and want to make it look 'fitted' - so nice (have desk there now, that looks clunky.. want BETTER).. and there is about 6" inbetween x 2 the 3 windows - and for each of the two 6" spaces, 3" one wall and 3" other wall.. a friend will help with...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    Found this strange looking thing in the basement and have no clue what it is! It looks brand new and is about 5" across. Really curious to find out what this interesting thing is for.
  3. Tools
    Hi, today I was making a repair of an equipment and I came across with a tool that i didn't knew about it. Anyone knows the name of this tool? So I can buy it. It would be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. General DIY Discussions
    Can someone please help me, what tool do I need for this? The building was built in the 30's and I am not sure what tool this is. Pic attached Thanks! :vs_cool:
  5. Tools
    This spring came out of my electric chainsaw when I emptied the oil out of the reservoir. What is it & how do I get it back into place? Greenworks 18 in. 14.5-Amp Electric Chainsaw Model # GW20332
  6. Building & Construction
    Thinking of purchasing a Laser Distance Measure and wanting to know if anyone has experience and maybe recommendations on a good model.
  7. Plumbing
    Our plumbers have not returned our calls to move some lines in our house so that we can finish our basement. They did the original installation and put in the Pex line that expands over the fittings. Soo.. we decided to move these on our own. Bought the tool, all fittings and line, watched an...
  8. Tools
    If any of you would be kind enough to check the image at to help me identify the tool pictured, I'd be grateful. I picked it up at a flea market because it was intriguing and I love old cast iron. But, I have no idea what it...
  9. Carpentry
    Hi guys, I am cutting the backsplash off of a cultured marble vanity that is 69" long. I don't have the time or manpower to take everything apart, so I would like to cut it while it is installed. I have seen posts regarding cutting cultured marble, however they are generally not installed. I...
  10. Tools
    I have hit a large rock in the middle of my sump pit and am unsure what I need to demo it. I have received advice from various sources that has left me in a jam. The HD rental guy said a jackhammer wouldn't work since the bits are only designed for concrete & cement (others have said I should...
1-11 of 12 Results