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toilet leak

  1. Fixing a crooked toilet flange

    Hi, We are attempting to fix an issue a plumber we didn't hire (previous owners) created. This spring, there was a soft floor (tile) around the toilet. We and the prior owner have no idea how long the toilet had been leaking. This area is a prior garage turned into a master bed/bath (no...
  2. Fixed water leak not drying under tile floor around toilet

    A month ago I repaired a leaking wax ring around the toilet and 3 days ago there was a leak again that we assumed was the wax ring failing again, but it ended up being the water line leaking at the attachment to the toilet. A fair amount of water leaked around the toilet (tile floor) and there...
  3. Toilet Still Leaking After Replacing Gasket, Bolts, Fill Valve, Flush Valve

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me troubleshoot a problem I am having. :) The initial symptom was water leaking when the toilet was flushed: the water was leaking only when the toilet was actually being flushed, and a small amount of water would dribble from between the water tank and the body of...
  4. drip drip drip from toilet tank

    I had to remove my toilet to replace the flange. When I put it back together there is a consistent slow drip at the plastic nut right on the bottom of the tank, not the supply line nut. See the picture. It's pretty tight....more than just hand-tight, I used a wrench to get some movement. I'm...