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toilet install
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  1. Plumbing
    Hi Ran into a problem replacing my toilet. Previous owner installed an extender on the flange as the flange is about an inch below the floor. However, I cannot remove the bolts as it appears as though the extender was installed over the bolts so the keyhole is partially covered by the...
  2. Remodeling
    I need help. Overview of our home: 3 bed 1 bath 1949 Bungalow with a finished basement. Current basement is split 50/50 between a living space and a long laundry room/utility room. I want to convert the laundry area to a bathroom with a laundry closet. I've had the drawings rendered and that...
  3. Plumbing
    I'm in the middle of a bathroom model. We tore out the old tile, sink, toilet, etc. We will eventually put down cement backerboard over the plywood subfloor, then new tile over that. The old toilet flange was resting on top of the old tile, screws through the tile and backerboard ... was...
1-3 of 3 Results