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  1. Trex Select vs Timbertech Terrain

    I am in the planning phase of a new deck construction. I want to do a composite deck to avoid the ongoing maintenance that I have previously experienced with a pressure treated deck. Im already stretching the budget considerably to teach the lower end of the composite spectrum, and...
  2. TimberTech deck installation technique opinions

    Building & Construction
    Hello. I'm a homeowner considering one of the TimberTech "Capped Composite" products for two small porches at my home. My contractor mentioned that he doesn't like those hidden fastener systems that are typically used for composite decking projects and instead he likes to use screws and plugs...
  3. What is the Best Deck material for Severe Sun and Colorado Winters?

    Building & Construction
    I have been trying to get answer on this for a couple of months now. It seems every site I go to, contractor or not, has a different answer. "Use this not that" or "Don't use that use this". I realize most concur TREX has royally screwed up in the past to the point of Class action lawsuit...
  4. Hidden fasteners difficulties - TimberTech ConceaLoc

    Building & Construction
    I went to fasten my first deck TimberTech boards using the TimberTech ConceaLoc hidden fasteners and I am having issues right out of the shoot. Per manufacturers instructions I raised the 2nd board to engage the fasteners then lay the 2nd board down but I find, even after tapping the board to...