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tiling tub surround

  1. Help Needed with tiling question

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello all...I discovered a water leak beside the shower,and while checking the tiles,I found some loose,and took them off..ten tiles came off,but took the plaster with them..I presume its what is called the skim coat,I have been all over the net looking for answers.I read that plaster would have...
  2. Alcove bathtub but I want tile on the front

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    We are renovating my bathroom It is small. We will be putting in a regular alcove bathtub ( surrounded by 3 walls) But instead of seeing the front of the bathtub I want to bring the marble floor tile up so I look at my beautiful tile instead of a boring white bathtub. What kind of a bathtub do...
  3. Assistance with tile layout / transition between cement board and drywall

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hi Folks, I am in the process of re-finishing a small bathroom project. In summary, I have cut out all of the greenboard that was around (above) the fiberglass shower/bath insert, including the ceiling. I installed a vapor barrier around the shower before mounting the durock. Here are my...
  4. Adhesive to use on Wall Tile

    I am tiling a tub/shower surround with 12" x 12" x 3/8" Porcelain tiles and would like to know the best adhesive to use for this project. Can anyone offer suggestions?
  5. Should I Kerdi or not?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hi everyone. I'm a reasonably experienced weekend warrior and have tackled many home improvement / renovation projects but I'm new to these forums and I have a question. I'm upgrading a very old master ensuite and I've recently installed and drywalled a new larger tub where an old smaller used...
  6. need to waterproof over CBU under shower wall tile???

    From reading several posts on the forum I was under the impression I needed to use some sort of waterproof membrane over the 1/2 in think cement backer boards in the shower after I taped and mudded the joints. I have seen where people used and recommended either RedGard or Kerdi. But, I just...
  7. Condo Bathroom Reno (CBU, Drywall, tiling, basic plumbing)

    Project Showcase
    I finished this project (well, mostly... a few finishing touches still needed) about a month ago. I could not have done it without the help of this message forum. I'll try to refer to the threads that helped when I get to those parts of the project. For many people, this will seem like a very...