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tiling floor
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  1. Drywall & Plaster
    Hi all. I am a VERY novice do it yourselfer, and looking for some advice on a bathroom remodel. My bathroom hasn't been redone since most likely the early 70's, and it was pretty painful to look at, with dark brown wood paneling and some horrible green wall board. I have taken everything...
  2. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Ok so I have to tile my bathroom floor. The wax ring has been leaking and it ruined my sub-floor. I definitely don't want that happening again :furious::no: so I see this product online and wondered if anybody has used it. It claims to protect the sub-floor from future disaster AND I don't...
  3. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I have a floor i am doing it's 1 x 4 t&g over 2 x 10 joists 16oc. It's a bit out of level.I want to solve two problems with this process. I was figuring I could re-nail the sub-floor, add a layer of exterior grade bc plywood, screwing only into t&g. Use PL subfloor adhesive every 6". Then I...
1-3 of 3 Results