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tile removal

  1. Newbie question alert: repairing wall after tile removal

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hi folks, As the disclaimer in the topic title indicates, I'm new to the board as well as to DIY in general, so go easy on me, lol Anyway, I'm in the process of replacing tile in my kitchen and have removed the tiles. Doing so, however, has left large holes in the wall, especially around one...
  2. Removing tile laid over original tile floor

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    We are restoring a small bathroom in a 90 year old home. A prior owner laid tile using thinset over the original black & while tile floor, which is a beautiful pattern (visible inside cabinets). Approx. 26 sq ft. (1) Is there a technique for carefully removing the 2nd layer of tile to expose...
  3. Tools to remove inidividual ceramic tiles

    I need to pop a few tiles in my kitchen, remove the mortar underneath, and put them back in (correctly this time). A few of them weren't seated well, and now the grout is cracking and they wiggle when stepped on. I've heard good things about using a rotoZip to get out the grout around the...
  4. Plaster over Concrete Sheet Wall?

    Drywall & Plaster
    Really appreciate the information I've found on a bunch of these threads here. Hope you don't mind a question from me. I'm working on the bathroom. House was built in 1958 and the bathroom still has its original (pink!) tile running 49 1/2 inches up the walls (measured from the floor including...