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  1. Flooring
    Hey everyone... new member here. Saw a lot of knowledge floating around and I hope you can help me with a mystery. Bought a fix-er-up house and put a lot of work into it... but I just wanted to get the bathrooms livable for a while. It'd been a year and I'm ready to renovate the master bath...
  2. Building & Construction
    Originally, we were planning on pouring an approximately 2" thick concrete slab on the main floor of our house to run our in-floor heat through as well as gain some passive solar heat. We were going to finish the floor by polishing it to a nice shine. The quotes have came back and it's becoming...
  3. Flooring
    I have a new home (1 year old) that has a beautiful screen porch. It has a poured concrete slab with one expansion joint and adjoins and outdoor porch that is also poured concrete. My intention has always been to tile the screen porch to give it a more "finished" look. Unfortunately the slab...
1-3 of 3 Results