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  1. Large wall tile installation

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hello, I am using 12x24 porcelain tile on my new shower enclosure and I'm not sure what type of mastic/mortar is to be used. The tiles weigh approx 7 lbs. Putting it up on top of Durock 1/2". Also how large of notch should i use? Thank you!
  2. Cement board install questions

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I am currently in the process of remodeling my bathroom and I have some issues I need help with. After removing the tile from the tub/shower I found lath and plaster walls beneath what looked like regular sheetrock, probably not a good thing. My first question is: Should I remove the lath to...
  3. Porcelain tile install problems

    Please help. We are having about 1000' of "wood look" porcelain tile installed over cement slab by contractor. Tiles are 36x9 and 36x6 laid randomly with 1/8" grout line per manufacturer's specs. Job is about 80% complete and the installer taped any small cracks and applied a sealant on the...
  4. Shower Tile Issues

    I recently bought my first condo and have quickly learned that some people do not have common sense. While I have many issues in my condo, the most major one I believe relates to my shower. Apparently the previous owner (original owner, condo built in the 80's) decided to redo the tile in the...
  5. Tile over rigid insulation.

    Building & Construction
    Hey guys, Im a first time poster and I am seeking some important information for finishing my basement. There are no problems with flooding and water. It is cold down there in the winter and I want to warm up the floors. So i am thinking of putting down a 1 inch thick rigid closed cell rigid...
  6. Mating tiled wall to fiberglass shower pan?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I am renovating a bathroom and looking for help 'mating' my tile to my new fibreglass shower pan. Here is where I am at currently. I have framed, roughed in the plumbing and hung the concrete backerboard and drywall. I am about to start mudding the drywall and putting thinset on the...
  7. thinset thickness for finished measurements?

    If my tile is 1/4", when I'm making allowances for measurements, e.g., where top of floor cabinets will be after adding the tile, should I add anything for the thinset mortar beneath the tile? Or, should I assume that the ridges on the bottom of the tile will rest on the sub-floor and the...
  8. Acrypro

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    We purchased Acrylpro from a tile store that has an excellent reputation. The contractor and I were at the store and made the purchase together after it was recommended by the sales personnel. At this point the entire shower plus bathroom floor have been installed with this product but not...
  9. New base for Tile floor in kitchen

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I'm a little new to this posting so here goes. I currently have lino in the kitchen and it is pealing up on the edges. From what I've read this seems to be the logical thing to do. However through my reading I've found out there is generally and underlayment over the sub-floor. Not true in my...
  10. Travertine over slab

    I am planning a 160sqft installaltion of Honed Travertince over Slab (previously existed carpet), with 1/8" grout lines. Is it neccessary to seal the concrete before? Also I have been told various thinset/mud approaches for the installation. Wanted to hear any suggestions for the preferred...
  11. Tricky Backsplash installation

    Building & Construction
    I'm new to the site; this is my first post. My fiancee and I are renovating a kitchen, basically building it from scratch. A problem arose this week after the countertops were installed on our kitchen island. The tile I've chosen for the backsplash is a tumbled slate that is 1/2 inch...