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  1. Botched tiling job or OK to proceed??

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    Hello! We just put down slate tile in our entryway. Carefully made the sure the temp in the room was above the minimum for the adhesive. Did the job right - over hardibacker, used the right tools, all tiles with an even layer of adhesive under them, the floor was nice and smooth, etc. We left it...
  2. Botched Tile Placement on Glue Down 'Luxury Tile'

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Need some help on how best to recover from a botched tile placement went setting the tile in the adhesive. I was off my mark enough to make me want to scream, and I did! So I pryed the tile, in pieces off the floor. Basically, how should I clean off the adhesive to start again: scrape it...
  3. Weber Pr 360

    Hi has anyone used this? I have some questions please! Does it smell strongly? How many coats do you need? How long does it take to do say a 40sq m room? Does it dry green? As I believe it's tinted? Also what temperature should you do this at? Thanks
  4. wall tile and fibreglass tub surround

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    I have just installed fibreglass tub surround walls above a fibreglass tub. I want to install wall tiles above and hopefully beside the walls. The drywall is flush with the walls, it does not extend down over the flange. I want the tile to overlap the fibreglass, but am using narrow glass...
  5. Tile over laminate countertop

    I've read that you can put tile over laminate if you sand it with a 60 grit sand paper to rough the surface up. I'm putting 4x4 bright snow white tiles on the counter top (mainly to match a pre-existing white tiled wall). So, I've sanded the counter-top with my orbital sander, but I'm not so...
  6. Joint Compound Residue on Tile

    Hey all, I am redoing my bathroom and I am tiling essentially a chair rail on my wall with 3x12 porcelain tiles. The job has gone well so far, but in the sunlight I have noticed spots of joint compound residue on the porcelain tiles (see picture). It is not grout because I haven't gotten to...
  7. Remove tile fabric and mortar?

    Doing a bathroom remodel and started breaking up all the floor tile when we realized there's some sort of fabric between the tile and the plywood that seems nearly impossible to get off. As you can see from the attached image, all the tile came off, but the mortar stayed. :blink: The "fabric"...
  8. Bathroom wall tile adhesive: Thin-set mortar or OmniGrip glue?

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    For my shower wall tile adhesive, should I use Thin-set mortar or OmniGrip glue? Thanks!
  9. How forgiving is Ditra?

    I'm going to re-tile almost 800 square feet. I just pulled up all of the old tile that was adhered directly to the subfloor (no backerboard, no Ditra). Most of the tiles popped up with a floor scraper very easily but there was a little bit of thinset left on the plywood. For the last two...
  10. Acrypro

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    We purchased Acrylpro from a tile store that has an excellent reputation. The contractor and I were at the store and made the purchase together after it was recommended by the sales personnel. At this point the entire shower plus bathroom floor have been installed with this product but not...
  11. hardibacker mishap

    Uh-oh! Most of the way through our hardibacker install over plywood we realized we'd been using tile adhesive (Tec brand ready-to-use universal tile adhesive) instead of the recommended thinset mortar. Should we pull it up and start over (big mess, big expense but will do if future tile failure...
  12. Tiles cracking, popping, grout falling out.

    Someone please help me! I had 12x12 tiles laid in my kitchen and down two halls almost two years ago. About one year ago, I noticed a few cracked tiles - called the contractor - he replaced them. A few months later - more cracked tiles, some of them make a popping sound when walked on and the...
  13. Remove mastic/adhesive from concrete?

    I just bought a 1950's house in Cleveland. There is a 4x4 entry area that was linoleum over some kind of core board adhered directly to concrete. The floor refinisher guy sanded down a small spot just far enough to determine there was no wood.The lino came up easily, the core board is difficult...
  14. Tiling Fireplace

    Building & Construction
    Hi All I am going to be tiling the face of my fireplace with 16x16 travertine tiles. As the tiles are quite heavy , I am concerned with proper adhesion. The face is made of cinderblock bt has been painted with an unknown type of paint. I was told that a fortified thinset would be fine but also...
  15. tumbled marble on bathroom wall

    I am planning to set tumbled marble mosaic tiles (2 x 3) on bathroom walls Not in the wet zone. I have fastening densshield to the bwall studs and have discovered some dips and bows. What can I use to level the densshield? Will duoflex 90 mastic work? I am planning on using this to set the...
  16. Need Pro Ceramic Tile Advice

    Building & Construction
    I am an amateur tile installer. My friend wants to use ceramic tiles that are 18" on a vertical wall. I have always used mastic on verticals, but a stock puller at the tile store says I can't use mastic with tiles that large. The mastic will never dry to grout the second day.This area will be...