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  1. Best concrete wall sealant?

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Has anyone used Super Thoroseal or Radonseal Plus for their poured concrete walls in their basement? I'm also planning on using Epoxy-coat for the floor. Would these products work to create a dry semi-finished basement?
  2. Help refinishing foundation. 30 year old Thoroseal or skim coat

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Every year my paint peels off the exterior foundation blocks, every year I scrape it and repaint it with a latex. The blocks were coated about 30 years ago with something. I don't know if it was Thoroseal or a skim coat. Anyhow, most of it has turned to a sand texture and the paint has...
  3. Basement Finishing Question....

    Building & Construction
    I have a house and I am in the process of finishing the basement. I just put down Allure Resilient flooring. It looks great but I am curious as to what must be done to hide the edges that but up to the walls. The previous owners applied Thoroseal to the walls to waterproof them. I would like to...