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  1. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hi Everyone. I am new here and have read alot of posts regarding tiling and specifically the use of Ditra. I am taking on a project to tile an entryway and living area. the entryway will butt up to an existing tile floor. I need some guidance on how to make up the inch difference to the top of...
  2. Plumbing
    Hello. There seems to be a lot of differing opinion on what the optimum position of the flange (relative to the finished floor) should be. The top of my closet flange sits about 1/4" (plus or minus about 1/16") above my finished floor. My question is whether or not a standard wax ring...
  3. Flooring
    I am currently getting ready to lay my cement board down (Durock) in the bathroom floor that I am remodeling. I was trying to save some time and not remove my door frames and just tile/cement board under them. However, on one side there is plent of room for me to use 1/2" Durock and tile...
1-4 of 4 Results