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thermostat replacement

  1. Trane XL824 Replacing Honeywell TH622OD

    My sytem: Daikin Model DZ13SA0421AA 3.5 ton 13SEER heat pump, Rheem Upflow Oil Furnace Model No. ROBD-112QBGA, Honeywell R8184 M 1051 Oil Burner Control, Smart Kit Dual Fuel Model DFK-4 The installer of 2014 tells me that the heat pump quit working due to a power outage/surge that fried the...
  2. Thermostat replacement help needed

    I have an older Honeywell Chronotherm IV Plus that is about thirteen years old. It's connected to an Armstrong High Efficiency direct vented furnace and AC unit. The thermostat has wires on the W1, Green, Yc, Rc, W2' and C Terminals. The AC and heat work great with this unit, but the keypad is...
  3. Programmable thermostat for condo

    My friend has asked me to install a programmable thermostat in her condo to help her save energy. I've done this in my own home before so thought it would be easy. Picked up a Honeywell 7-day programmable thermostat at HD as I thought it would do the job. After turning off power to the HVAC in...
  4. new thermostat, not working

    I replaced a digital Honeywell thermostat th1110D1000 with a lux tx9600tsa. I followed the diagram instructions for a conventional non heat pump, as those were the only wires that the Honeywell used. Btw the Honeywell did not use batteries, it fed from the wall. The new Lux is not working, it...
  5. replacing thermostat for electric baseboard heat

    Hi everyone, I am replacing an old White Rogers thermostat to a newer 2 pole Honeywell for electric baseboard heating only in a condo. From the wall, there is a red wire, a white wire, and 2 black wires connected to each other. Can someone advise if it is correct to connect the wall red to R1...