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  1. Gas Log Fireplace

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    I have a gas log fireplace with a wall switch to turn it on/off. The pilot lights fine; however, the gas logs will not turn on when the switch is turned on. Nothing was moved or changed from last winter. Next to the pilot light is what i believe to be the thermopile or thermocouple that is...
  2. Gas Fireplace Won't Stay Lit - Pilot Stays On

    I have a Heat N Glo direct vent gas fireplace (not sure of exact model). I consistently have a lit pilot light, however, when the switch on the wall is turned on sometimes it ignites right away, sometimes it doesn't. If it does ignite right away it will generally burn out after a few minutes or...
  3. Any encounter this gas furnace problem? with video!

    It seems to me that the gas flow is being interupted. I have heard that there is a thermocoupling or some solenoid interupting the flow of gas. Considering that this problem has to do with the gas flow I think its best left for the professionals. Anyone ever encountered this same issue before...
  4. Hot water tank

    I have a regular hot water tank. I had the thermocouple and burner assembly cleaned. I notice that the pilot light stays lit as it should after the correct temp is achieved, but in the middle of the burner where the gas comes out there seems to be a little flame that stays lit as well. Is this...