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  1. Cedar T&G Cladding on Curved Soffit

    I am replacing 50 year old T&G cedar siding on soffits that curve up as an architectural detail on my home. The structure is 1/4" ply over 4x beams, wooden arcs and 2x4 cross braces. The original cladding (~72" spans) was nailed each end to beams and middle just thru the 1/4" ply. Each plank had...
  2. Gapping for t&g doug fir porch decking?

    Building & Construction
    Good afternoon, I have read every resource I can find regarding proper techniques for preparing and installing t&g doug fir porch decking. One question that has not really been addressed is, should I gap the decking when I install it? A bit of background... We live in Seattle, WA (wet), and...
  3. Modern Stain Application for Tight Knot Cedar

    Hi Fellow DIY'ers, i'm trying to figure out how to make 1x6 cedar T&G siding look as modern as possible for an exterior application. The knots make the wood look more rustic, but it's 4x's cheaper than an A grade cedar, so trying to make this material work. A local builder has used it to good...
  4. Face nail T&G

    Hello. What nails are recommended for face nailing portions of a T&G reclaimed fir where the grooves are damaged? Thanks
  5. Advice for laying solid bamboo

    Hi Team, I need some advice on laying my bamboo flooring which I recently purchased at auction. Risky I know but I got it at a steal of a price. :thumbup: Anyway's I'm trying to determine if I should glue or float the product, with or without an underlay, as well as any hints or tips you guys...