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  1. "simple" door threshold change spiraled out of control

    Building & Construction
    :surprise: front door threshold has dry rotted, so was looking to repair it. A little peek underneath revealed termite damage, not surprising since the porch is on ground level. Two 2x6 joist rim or cap (visible) were completely consumed, so pulled them out. The joist ends are shot, so need...
  2. Is this termite damage?

    Pest Control
    I went down to my basement and found some small pieces of wood had fallen from the ceiling. I looked up and saw that a small portion of one of the boards looked damaged. See photos. We did have termites two years ago and it was treated by a professional. He came back last year for an inspection...
  3. Need help with wall stud damage from termites!

    General DIY Discussions
    Sorry for the shouting, but scientifically your eye should notice my thread first, that or piss you off. As you can see in the photos contained in the link below, I need some advice. Just like all home projects it started with a simple dream, I'd like to put in some new baseboards, shouldn't t...
  4. Framing with pressure treated lumber in termite area?

    Building & Construction
    I am replacing an exterior wall that was damaged by termites. I've treated the surrounding ground area with termiticide (Termidor SC) but would like to take further preventative measures while I have the wall open. Is there any reason I should not re-frame the wall using pressure treated 2x6s...
  5. Termite eatten joists

    Building & Construction
    So i found out last night that termites had eatten 2 very large joits one being approximately 4x12 3ft longand one being 4x4 6 ft long. the 4x12 is alot harder to deal with than the 4x4 they are both near my bathroom on the 2nd floor.(I'll take the floor out of there tonight to see exactly...
  6. joist treatment in encapsulated crawlspace?

    Building & Construction
    Hi there, I'm new to this.. am having my crawlspace encapsulated and dehu installed. Contractors said they would treat 'mold exposed' areas with antimicrobial and then water seal all wood. They said they would use materials/treatments of my choice. I thought I'd ask here.. I'm thinking...
  7. Drywood Termite or Paranoia?

    Pest Control
    I recently did a wood project out in my patio (I live in an apartment in Los Angeles, and the patio overhangs from the second story). It took several days to complete the project over a few weeks, so untreated wood was outside for a while. I have a great eye for small things, so I noticed 2-3...
  8. Termite damage and your opinion on mended joist integrity

    Mom's roof was damaged by a tree, so water got in. Unfortunately the termites followed and damaged the wall, roof rafters and a ceiling joist too. We placed a shoring frame to support the roof while we replace some roof rafters and part of the wall. Replacing those should be relatively...
  9. What to do about burrowing beetles in deck joists?

    Building & Construction
    I've got a house in Crestline, CA (at 5500 feet we have lots of pine trees and oaks) and I was digging out pockets of dryrotted wood in the joists beneath our deck when I noticed a tunnel filled with tiny pellets. I used a chisel to follow the tunnel and found a tiny rust colored beetle...
  10. Identifying Active vs. Inactive Termite Activity?

    Pest Control
    Hello, I'm having difficulty determining whether the termite damage I uncovered in my home is active or existing damage. The home is in NY and was built in 1965. The foundation was treated with Chlordane at some point during its history. When I purchased we saw some sign of activity and it...
  11. pesticides

    Pest Control
    Is there a forum of pesticide and the like?
  12. Experiences with Termidor vs Sentricon for termite control?

    Pest Control
    Hello all, Last year, before buying my house, some termites made a meal out of part of the wooden deck. The seller of the house had spot treatments done, but it seems to have worked (for now). Before I have it repaired/rebuilt, I want to have an inspection done to determine if the termites are...
  13. termite and repair plan - please critique!

    Pest Control
    Central NC. I've got an old 2 story shed/garage out back, and after 2 years here I'm just getting around to 2nd floor repairs. The shed has a block wall 3' high with a sill on top of it, and a slab poured inside the wall. Seems like a solid structure. I had seen termite damage when I moved in...