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  1. Electrical
    In the late 1940s, my grandfather converted a 100 y.o. barn to a summer home. My mother inherited the farm when he died in 1995, and at some point she hired some guy who called himself an electrician to--I don't know what he was hired to do, but he charged 1000's to bring the place up to code...
  2. Interior Decorating
    Hi, I've just moved to a new condo in Canada. It's a concrete-framed condo, but with standard drywall interior in the suite. I've lived in a wood-framed house before, and whenever I needed to hang stuff (TV, photo frames, mirrors..etc), I would usually find the studs in the drywall to hang...
  3. Home Theater
    I have a new tv that I bought and mistakenly assumed it had blue tooth. What would be my easy best option as for a Bluetooth adapter to use for pairing to bedside stereo speakers and headphone?,
  4. General DIY Discussions
    So I have two dilemma's; my wife, and my younger son. My oldest 14 just received a newer flat screen television, and by getting this, his older television goes to one of two places the garage (it still works well) or to my younger sons room (my choice) The problem is, my youngest (3)...
  5. Home Theater
    I have a patio below my deck and wanted to hang a 28-32" TV underneath. I don't want it permanent so I'm planning on drilling a hook into the bottom of the deck and hanging the tv on that. Does anyone know if this would work and if so, what kind of hook I should use? Whether I will require a...
  6. Electrical
    Just bought a LG 50PW450T 50 Inch HD Ready FVHD 3D Plasma TV and registered for lovefilm. Phoned up love film and they said I am now connected and ready to go but I cannot find my lovefilm menu anywhere on my tv. Where is it? Can this tv even get lovefilm? HELP! :furious::(
  7. Appliances
    Hi all! We bought a wall mount for our 40 inch TV thinking the studs would be within the standard of 16-24 inches apart. However, when we finally got our hands on a stud finder, they are close to 40 inches apart! How in the world do we mount the TV now? Thanks!
  8. Building & Construction
    I'm about to mount a large TV + soundbar above a fireplace and I'd like to hear some thoughts about my plan before I go ahead with it. I've attached a picture that roughly shows the location of some studs as well as the location of where I plan to attach the mount to the wall. Note that this is...
  9. Electrical
    I want to run all my wire behind the wall for my tv. I know extention cords and other non-rated wires are not safe. I do not want to run another box to the middle of the wall because i want to have an APC/surge protector on my TV. There are units like this(...
  10. Electrical
    I am experiencing electrical TV interference, evidenced by a brief moment of pixelation and/or drop or pop in audio (for DTV), or a brief static bar (analog). I have a home theater PC setup (using Windows Media Center to record live tv, both COX analog and over-the-air HD) with the following...
1-10 of 11 Results