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  1. When were these panels added?

    My childhood home was built in 1942. 2 bedroom 1 bath, partly-finished partial basement. Oil furnace, water heater, and dryer converted from gas to electric sometime before my parents bought it in 1964. The service panel had two main disconnects, pull-out modules with 30A cartridge fuses...
  2. Plumbing-thin pipe fr laundry taps to flr drain's Ht water, gurgles run water sound

    Hello, My basement laundry tub faucet (plumber put new one in 3 weeks ago due to dripping faucet) is making a loud and getting louder gurgling sound from the faucet Had same plumber in who put new faucet in. He didn't know what it was without tearing the whole thing apart by the laundry tub for...
  3. Need help to identify bathroom taps

    Hi all, I'd like to know what brand (and, even better, what model) this bathroom sink tap set is. One of the handles has been replaced with some square monstrosity and I'd really like them all to match. I've included the picture in the post below, as I need to post without links before I...
  4. 2 handle waltec shower taps - still leaking

    In the past I've switched out tap components without issue. Not only changing the washer, but the stem and even the post(don't know if that's the right term) on the inside. Switchced out shower components two months ago and all was well until last week. Then I found that tightening the taps did...
  5. Clogged cold water in bath tub tap.

    Having an issue with the Tap on a bath tub. It's one tap that controls both hot and cold water. I am not getting cold water out of it. Dismantled it but can't see any obstructions. What can I do without having to tear up the bathroom. Stumped. Thanks