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  1. How many slimline (THQP) double poles can I have?

    Hi all, I have a GE TMC4020CCU Powermark loadcenter (Canadian model) with 40 spaces. The circuit diagram indicates that it can take 80 1/2" breakers (THQP) in any position. But it then says the maximum number of 2 pole THQP breakers is 38. What I don't understand is why this number is not 40...
  2. Mapping house electrical circuits with tandem circuit breakers

    We have an older Square D panelboard fuse box with Tandem breakers in it. I want to do what I call a "wire mapping" for the whole house and create a sheet of info as to which outlets/switches go to which breaker. When I open the panel for example, each circuit breaker has a number next to it...
  3. Handle Tie Clip to Connect Single Breakers

    I just bought a house with an un-permitted storage shed. My city sent out an inspector to approve and they said; to approve the electrical, without tearing about the walls and the breaker etc, I can pass inspection with some handle-ties to ensure the breakers trip in tandem. That's about the...
  4. Tandem Breakers in Sub-Panel

    My home was built in Dec. of 2005 with a main panel outside and a 70 AMP service in a sub panel in my garage. I need to add 240V/30AMP service in my garage for a new compressor and there's no room in the main panel outside and only "one" slot in the sub-panel in the garage. One side of the...
  5. Nurpolian outlet history?

    I just moved into an old apartment and found some interesting looking outlets that I've never seen anything like. I'm trying to figure out more about the history of the house and it's age so I'm wondering if anyone knows more about when these types of outlets were used? I did some research and...
  6. Best option for wiring multiple overhead lights/switches

    Hi, I have a 40 year old home with no overhead lights in any of the bedrooms. Currently, each of the rooms has a switch by the door controlling one outlet per room. At this point, I've ripped out all the sheet rock in one room, and replaced the old wiring with 12/2 (the existing wiring, and...
  7. Tandem loaded truck over soft lawn?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I am trying to get a lot of dirt into my back yard to fill some low spots. We tried to drive a fully loaded tandem dumper over my lawn but the soil is so soft that the truck just started to sink in. The driver said that he wasn't going to go in for fear of getting stuck. So now I am not sure how...