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  1. Tools
    Thinking I'm going to get one in the coming months and build my own vanity than bathroom cabinet than kitchen cabinets - good winter projects. Would one of those table top table saws work like a ryobi / dewalt work or would a stand alone be needed? Think I know the answer but wanted to check.
  2. Tools
    My father-in-law passed away recently and I have inherited his 10" table saw. I included pictures for reference. It's an Ohio Forge 982-946 table saw. According to the label it is about 33 years old. I know it was working just fine a year ago. You can see that I had to disassemble it a little...
  3. Tools
    I used to have a big garage wood shop and grizzly G0771. I got out of the hobby for multiple reasons, including a move, and sold things i didnt think id need for diy/small projects. This included the table saw, which i got a good price on/i had some misgivings with overall/didnt need the full...
  4. Tools
    I have a Jet Shopline table saw MN JSL-10TS-37 that has a broken fence locking lever. The fence is 26 3/4" long. I can't seem to find a replacement on line. Does anyone know what aftermarket fence would work as a replacement? I really don't want to spend hundreds of $$ on a 15 year old saw. Thanks
  5. Tools
    Hi Guys, this is my version of DIY table saw sled for my Makita Mlt100. I equipped it with a graft for the sawdust extration hose.
  6. Tools
    Hi guys, now as you all know the guide of the Makita saw bench is the weak point and as I started to use it more often it is damaged. And besides being inaccurate it was also dangerous. Browsing the web I saw several solutions I tried to collect them and this is my version.
  7. Project Showcase
    Hi Guys to save space in my garage and use more often I used this solution for my Makita table saw. And a small solution but for my small garage / workshop is a goal. I hope it's the right section. What do you think?
  8. Tools
    Hello Friends give an idea how to do Table Saw Machine - Drill power. Thanks :glasses:
  9. Tools
    Hey everyone, I have an old Craftsman 10" table saw that I bought off Craigslist years ago and want to buy a dado blade primarily to cut mortise and tenon joints on 3/4" thick wood. Got any recommendations?
  10. Tools
    For about $400 I can get a new "remanufactured" Ridgid 10" R4512. Or for $375 I can get a used "3HP" 10" Craftsman model 113-298762 with a brand new Vega Pro 50 fence system. What will be the better way to go for a beginning woodworker with plans to do a oak staircase and some basic cabinetry...
  11. Tools
    I purchased a RIDGID table saw off Craigslist. I love it but for one irritating problem. The seller did not have a miter gauge so I bought it without one. I had one from my old saw and figured I'd use that one on the RIDGID. It works fine in the right slot but will not fit into the left...
  12. Carpentry
    I am brand new to this forum and I have been looking on it for approx. 2 hours. I have seen a ton of great educated comments. Now to my problem: I have 10" Hitichi Table Saw and need a new Motor. The motor from a parts store cost $549. I could buy new! Any recommendations on motors? I...
  13. Tools
    Table saw I am just wandering what brand of shop table saw do other people use and what are the pros and cons. I am mainly talking about Jet, Grizzly, Powermatic but if you have other brand that’s ok.
  14. Carpentry
    Can someone tell me how to properly move a cabinet saw's trunnions? I am unable to align my Rigid R4511 table saw's top so as to reduce right side heel at the rear of the blade to less than .020"; a fact I only realized on getting my hands on a TS-Aligner Jr. All I can think is that the...
  15. Carpentry
    This is the deal. I need to cut rabbets in the edges of pieces of 3/4" plywood but I do not have a router. I can probably get an inexpensive dado set. The problem is I can't use the fence because the pieces overhang my tiny saw table's edge. What if I tack a cleat on the surface (call if...
1-15 of 15 Results