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  1. Tools
    I am planning on purchasing a pegboard to reorganize my tool bench. However, the number of hooks that I'll need is kind of unsettling. Has anyone made their own?
  2. General DIY Discussions
    Hey everyone - We just bought our first house (yay debt!) and currently there is no alarm and we want a little piece of mind. Have a small dog and a 4 year old, the neighborhood is a great neighborhood and very quiet but the criminals know that too. I see kits all over the internet for a few...
  3. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have (2) 275 gallon water totes that i have already rigged up to my gutters and set up a tricky air tight system for it. I plan on using air pressure (from air compressor) to get the water flowing good. But I do not want to over do the pressure with the totes. I have already tested everything...
  4. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    For the first time this year (installed it myslef last year) I started my irrigation system. The system runs off my well along with the rest of the house with light amounts of silty water at most, but passes through the valves and heads with ease. Worked fine all last year of heavy every day...
  5. HVAC
    My compresor went out on my 3 1/2 ton r22 ac unit. A very good friend of mine who works for a very reputable company for many many years game a couple of options. 1. He can get me a used unit similar working used unit for $250 and he would charge me $150 labor. 2. Upgrade to the new...
  6. Building & Construction
    My basement leaks. I have read all kinds of information both online and in catalogs, 99% of which the source was some kind of company trying to sell something. One swears by French Drains, another says they're useless and insists on interior waterproofing systems, while another says to dig out...
  7. Plumbing
    What you think, is it correct way how to built drain system in this video?
1-7 of 7 Results