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  1. Junction box - some lines switched, others always hot?

    I recently moved into a house built in 1960 and I've encountered a wiring scenario that I have not seen before and has me confused. My intention is to replace an existing bathroom ceiling light with a low profile canless LED recessed light. I would just need to remove the existing ceiling box...
  2. Porch lights in series

    I purchased a house in 1999. It had 2 switched ceiling lights on the front porch. Both quit working after a recent porch ceiling repaint. It was time for a new look so I bought 2 new lights. I disconnected a lot of wires and dismounted the old fixtures before I realized the dysfunction...
  3. Switched outlet to ceiling light/fan

    I have a wall switch in a bedroom that controls one half of one wall outlet. I would like to make both outlets (top & bottom) hot full time and use the switch to control a ceiling fan and light. It is a single pole switch that I plan to remove and use a single pole double switch. Wiring that...
  4. Duplex switched outlet conversion . .

    Under my sink I have a duplex outlet. The garbage disposal is plugged into one of the receptacles and is controlled by a switch. I am going to be installing a dishwasher where there never was one before and want to plug into the other receptacle on that outlet, problem is, both receptacles are...
  5. Switched Receptacle wiring advice required

    I have an existing duplex receptacle in which both halves are switched (via a single switch). This is a middle of the run receptacle. It is currently wired as follows: Coming in from the left (from another, unswitched outlet), there is one black (hot) and one White. From the right, there is one...
  6. 3way half switched receptacles

    I have 2 3way switches and 5 receptacles thereafter. I want the 5 receptacles to b half switched and half constant. I have the feed coming into switch#1 and then a 3 wire w/Ground goin to switch#2 then 3wire w/ground goin to the receptacles thereafter. How can I wire this to have the...
  7. Switched outlet to half-switched

    I have two outlets in my front room fully controlled by the main light switch. I would like to change these to half switched outlet so I can control the lights via switch without interfering with power to the TV. My basic question is whether this is something I can do by pulling out the...
  8. Feeding multiple generator subpanels from a single generator

    I have two 200 amp main panels, each feeding an independent generator subpanel (subpanels have mechanical interlocks). I want to feed both subpanels with a single generator that's capable of powering the entire system. Running the hot wires seems pretty straightforward - feed one of the subpanel...