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  1. Electrical
    I have a home built in 1980 and the bedrooms have no ceiling lights. Only one switched outlet per room for lamps. It's not a half outlet that's switched - rather an entire dedicated outlet. I opened one of my bedroom switches and respective outlet and I diagrammed how it works: First of all...
  2. Electrical
    trying to use existing wiring and not run new wiring : Is this possible with a switch loop? important point is that i have only laid 2 wire Romex and the source is between the 2 bulbs in the ceiling : here is the closest thing i could find on the net - but whats the caution about the 2011...
  3. Electrical
    Can i wire a double outlet with GFCI protection such that the bottom oulet is always hot and the load outlet is only hot when switched from another box. It seems i'd have to diconnect the hot wire connection between the 2 outles an i dont see how that is done .... Thanks for any help Ted
1-3 of 3 Results