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  1. What are the things to be taken care of when choosing a pool design?

    Building & Construction
    Hi all, I 'm here to get suggestions from you guys. I was recently diagnosed with diabetics and some cardiovascular problems. My husband and I are alone in our house and all the household works are taken care of by our servants. So the doctors advised to do exercise and most importantly asked...
  2. In-Floor Swimming Pool Cleaning System

    I have a CareTaker In-Floor Pool Cleaning system. It has 5 zones and I am having troubled with one of them. When the pool was designed, the pool company drew up the plan and sent it to the CareTaker people, who then designed the cleaning system. The zone that covers the steps was set up for 5...
  3. lighting indoor swimming pool

    VA res Code and IRC required luminaries no closer than 5 ft from highest water level, and no closer thatn 5ft from inner pool wall. What are my options for lighting over the pool area in this scenario? I have an 18ft by 13 ft basement and daughter with arthritis and want to put in therapy pool...
  4. Swimming Pool subpanel

    Hi, Purchased a house with in ground pool. Pump and filter located in a small pool house. 200 amp main in the garage with a 30 amp dual breaker feeding a 30 amp subpanel in the garage (separate ground and neutral bus). 8 gauge running from garage to pool house in metal conduit. There is a...