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  1. Shower surround trim?

    In my tub/shower, between the tub and the surround there is what to me looks like trim. In every surround I have seen or can find online they just chaulk between the tub and surround. Does anyone know what this is or what purpose it serves. It is impossible to keep clean and is a headache. Could...
  2. new tub not level

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Yes, I did it. :biggrin2: Set the tub and it is about 1/4 inch off on the short side opposite the faucet. Should have raised it a little more there, but the mortar was already drying, etc. :wink2: It is level front to back but side to side is low by about 1/4 inch. (So I'm referring to the side...
  3. Bathroom Upgrade using surround. Comedy of Errors.

    I'm getting my condo upgraded on my own and will need all the help I can get. Ran into an issue to cause me to contact you kind folks for advice. If I drill a hole into a surround and it is on the lower curve, how do I bring the base vertical for spout installation is my starting issue....long...
  4. Cultured Stone Fireplace Issue

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    For some reason our fireplace cultured stone surround doesn't look right. I think the stone should have been installed with corner pieces protruding at least a few inches off of the wall. Maybe its the straight cuts on the one side that make it look artificial. Please let me know any ideas to...
  5. reinstalling tub and new surround

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hi, I had a problem with my water leaking through old tiles that surrounded my tub. I took down the tiles, removed the tub and cleaned and repaired the area under the tub. Now I am looking to put the tub back and install a new tub surround. One of those 5 or three piece surrounds. But I'm at a...
  6. Fireplace surround

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I am remodeling our fireplace surround. It had tile around it and I successfully demoed that. Now the "backerboard" is weak in places and I can press it in easily with 1 finger. I am thinking I need to tear out all of this "backerboard". I say backerboard as I don't really know what it is...
  7. 19"x19" tile, what thickness edging to use

    So I will be installing these tiles soon, they are 3/8" thick and i will be using a 1/2" trowel. just wondering what thickness tile edge to use. They are wall tiles for a tub surround.
  8. Can anyone help please? I can't figure out which way to hook everything up

    Home Theater
    Thank you for takin a minute to read this and offer some advice...Ive been clueless for an hour and can’t find the manual online anywhere so I really appreciate this! I just got a Denon AVR-2000 that says on the front: "Dolby Surround: Pro-Logic" and also: "Digital Signal Processing System DSP"...
  9. Preparing bathtub surround for tilings

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Completely gutted my bathroom and have some questions about rebuilding the bathtub surround. I am going to use Durock NextGen backerboard and Versabond white thin set. 1. I plan on tiling the ceiling over the tub. It previously had a dropped ceiling over the old tub that I ripped out, so I...
  10. best new bathtub

    Hi, I'm renovating an old bathroom (tore out the leaky fixtures, sistered old weak joists, replaced subfloor, etc.) and need to find a new bathtub. It's a normal 5 foot by 30 inch space (could possibly use a 32 inch wide tub instead, but 30 inch would be preferable). I'm not looking for...
  11. Is there anyone that will just change the metal frames in my shower surround?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I have 2 bathrooms that have bright brass finishes that I want to update. The shower surround in each would be quite expensive to replace -- especially when the only thing I want to change is the finish (to a satin nickel) -- the master bath alone is comprised of 5 panels. Does anyone know if...
  12. Outside wall tub surround vapor barrier question

    I am getting ready to install a new tub/ shower in freshly renovated bathroom (gutted, reinsulated, vapor barriered (outside walls) and partially mr dry walled) I plan on using cement backer board for a tile backer in surround. My question is should I or can I add another vapor barrier over...
  13. Can't find the wires!

    Home Theater
    Help! Just moved into a house and went to install my surround sound today and I am having trouble finding the wires. The builder had pre-installed the wires and there are seven plates positioned around the room where the wires should be. There are five plates mounted on the wall where...
  14. Bathtub Surround Ledge material

    Hello, I am trying to decide on what material to use for the tub surround ledge. Installing a 6ft rectangle airjet tub. I am using paneling for the skirt and will have the frame built out of wood. I Do not want to tile (Want a smooth finish) and don't want to spend the big $$$ on a big piece...
  15. Drop-in tub access panel?

    Hello, I'm installing a drop in tub in a framed in tub surround. I'm getting ready to tile the tub surround and I'm wondering, do I need to put in an access panel? It's not a jacuzzi tub, so there is no electrical or motor that will need to be accessed. The tub will be sitting on a cement slab...