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sunroom ceiling

  1. Heating and Cooling Problems w/ Add-On

    Building & Construction
    Hello, So I bought my grandmother's old home a couple years ago. There is a room that was an add-on which was used as a sun room. It was built before she moved in about 10 years ago. In the winter we freeze and in the summer we fry. I've identified a lot of the issues, i.e. door leading to...
  2. How to insulate sun-room ceiling?

    Building & Construction
    I'm new here & I'm a new home owner and new to DIY'g so please be gentle on me. Our situation: We bought a 1960 ranch home that's got good bones but needs updating. Our current project is a 500 sq foot sun-room (or may be a 3 seasons room? IDK but I've just seen different...