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sunken living room

  1. vapor barrier needed under xps foam on concrete.

    I have a house with a converted garage into a living room. It is sunken living room with a 2 steps which is around 13 inches below the rest of the house. I want to raise this up as its a safety hazard with young children. The room currently has carpet right over top of the concrete and the steps...
  2. Raising sunken living area

    Building & Construction
    Hi Pros, Need some help with a job of raising a sunken living area which is carpeted & about 6 and half inches below the other areas. There are many videos that basically explain raising a sunken area which has a concrete base but my situation is that there is a basement under this area which...
  3. Pass through from kitchen to sunken living room heigh

    Building & Construction
    Hi, We'd like to open up a pass through window between the kitchen and living room to make the space feel more open and so we can have a line of sight to watch the kids when we are in the kitchen and they are in the living room. We were hoping we could use the space as a breakfast bar, but that...
  4. Sunken living room wall problem..

    Building & Construction
    I have a sunken living room that drops approximately 11 3/4" to the lower foundation. This is where the existing drywall stopped, and carpet was glued to the foundation wall and covered with trim where it meets the drywall. The existing drywall is not flush with the foundation but overhangs from...