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  1. HVAC
    I'm having trouble lighting my '86 Suburban Dynatrail Propane Furnace. When I try and turn it on, all that happens is the fan starts blowing and a spark flashes behind the burner access door. The propane is full and on as is the manual shut off valve. Could it be my solenoid valve inside, and...
  2. Automotive Repairs
    My cruise control went out on my '88 R10 Suburban the other day. It had been working fine until I got on the interstate and got her up to 70 mph. It started having problems holding the speed but I thought it was because I was going up a hill until it started happening on the level parts too. It...
  3. Automotive Repairs
    I'm replacing the coil springs and lower ball joints on an '88 Suburban but can't seemed to free the joint from the knuckle. I got a ball joint separator (looks like a big tuning fork) from Autozone but the boot on the joint was shot so it just removed the boot. I've removed everything else, so...
1-3 of 3 Results