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  1. Goulds Submersible Pump

    Is this brand new pump not running or is pumping back into water??? Model 25GS30 Control box Centipro model CB3412MC is putting out 140 volts on yellow lead, 290 volts on red lead, 115 volts on black lead when float switch turns on control panel. When pump first installed it pumped and did not...
  2. Submersible Pump Trips Breaker in Electrical Meter Box

    Hi All, I have this submersible pump...When ever I connect it to my power outlet and flip it on, my circuit breaker from my electrical box trips which is rated at 40A.....I want to conduct a load I want to know at that moment when the circuit breaker is about to trip, the exact...
  3. Insulation rubbed off Submersible Pump Wires

    So I've been seeing the lights dim everytime the surmersible well pump comes on. I go to the basement and connect a water hose to the bladder tank and start the flow and I notice immediately the guage builds pressure too slow, as the lights go dim until the pump cuts off. The well is cased with...
  4. Submersible (Domestic) Well Pump

    :confused1: HI, when my pump first starts, ie. after a power outage, it seems to run fine, (60 PSI). After it runs for a while the pump does not put up enough pressure, (approx. 30 PSI) and runs continuosly. The pressure switch is a 40-60 PSI. There are no leaks in the system. It seems like when...
  5. Pump Troubles - Do I need to pull it?

    I have a 1 hp Water Ace 230V single phase submersible pump. Stopped working last weekend. Bought a new controller to see if it would solve the problem. This one has the two capacitors and the overload with the switch. Hooked up the controller and put power on. Overload pops after a few...
  6. Pump Control test Franklin

    Trying to test a Franklin contol for a 1/2 hp 230 volts submersible pump control box. Does anyone have the instructions. I am getting ohm readings that seem wrong. model 2801054915. No water and cannot belive the pump has failed so fast. My last pump lasted 25 yrs. Pump is getting power. but not...