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structured wiring

  1. Help with cable clutter

    General DIY Discussions
    I am looking for examples of ways you have organize the cable clutter. Pictures would be great and any suggestion or opinions will be appreciated. This home was built in 2006 and had cable, phone and network wired "professionally" wired. A GreyFox structured wiring panel was installed but...
  2. To conduit or not

    House has raised foundation with about 24" of crawl space. I want to do structured wiring for data and phone. The control panel will be in the garage, phone cable from outside will come here and get distributed. 4 locations in walls where Data/Phone will go, max run from control panel is 20'...
  3. Change a Cat 5E jack from network to telephone

    Despite my technical prowless when it comes to taking apart a computer and putting it back together, I am clueless (but a quick and eager learner!) when it comes to home wiring. In full disclosure, I am likely to use improper terminology here, so please bear with me... Here's my conundrum... My...
  4. Structured wiring box height

    I am working on doing runs right now of Cat5e data, Coax, and Cat5e for telephone (different color line)... and I have them all coming back to one location in the basement... I have a structured wiring box from Legrand/On-q its about 24 inches high and fits into a stud cavity... I was wondering...
  5. Studs too close together for structured wiring panel

    Building & Construction
    I'm trying to put an electrical panel inside a stud bay in a finished laundry room to serve as my central control panel for a structured wiring setup. As it turns out, the one perfect bay is too narrow for my panel by 1/4". It's perfect because it lines up with an upstairs wall for the chase...