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  1. Deck stairs with closed stringers and angle brackets

    Building & Construction
    My new 10x13 deck is almost done and needs stairs. Deck floor is 41in. from ground, stairs opening is 36 in. (the min allowed) and we access deck from the house 95% of the time, so stairs are used occasionally for taking trash out, access alley ... Given all the many [small?] mistakes I made...
  2. Staircase and stair area renovations

    I purchased a house built in 1987. It was in very good condition but dated and dark. I'm hoping to change that, but for various reasons I've found myself doing almost every remodeling project myself. I know quite a bit, but I don't know everything. That's where you all come in (hopefully) - to...
  3. 3/4" 5" Tigerwood on 5 stairs. Treads?

    House: 1969 split entry short faced. I've finished up tearing out 700 ft2 of carpet and parquet flooring underneath that, deck screwed all the existing plywood down to eliminate the squeaks and installed 3/4" Brazilian KOA Tigerwood that I obtained for a great price by using odd lot. Strategic...
  4. Angled stringers for deck stairs

    Building & Construction
    Hi I've built stair stringers before but never had to deal with the following design which has 3 sections meeting at unusual angles. I need some ideas on how to calculate the stringers where the sections meet. I believe I need 2 stringers at each joint. Here's a Sketchup rendering of the stairs...
  5. Replacing Stair Kneewall Studs?

    Good afternoon all, I have a medium effort project ahead of me that is confusing me a bit. The kneewall of my stairs (which back to an understair closet) has been damaged or poorly designed at some point, and has a significant bow to it (2.5 + inches in and out in some places). Due to some...
  6. Stair stringers...lam plywood vs 2x12

    Building & Construction
    hello fellow diyers, im building my own house and need to build some stairs.i was wondering if anyone has tried the method of ripping plywood into 12" x 96" sheets and taking 3 layers (staggered joints) to get the desired length. held together with construction adhesive and screws.... all the...