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  1. Painting
    Hi all. I want to take some heavy enameled steel burner covers and apply a stenciled pattern on top. It needs to be somewhat scratch resistant and durable, as these will be used on the stove. Not on a heated burner, though a hot pot could sit on one from time to time. Any ideas? What will...
  2. Windows and Doors
    I may have bent the metal forcefully with my door. It's 1.5" length. I tried pliers but made a small indentation and wasn't getting anywhere. Is there a tool or way to unbend it?
  3. Building & Construction
    I have a 1940 built lakefront house in Central Mass with a damp basement that needs replacement of a few steel lally columns that have rusted. A friend has suggested pressure treated wood to replace the columns because of the dampness. Thoughts?
  4. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I'm very close on closing a condo in downtown Chicago. The inspection went well but that was for the interior. of the condo. I just walked by the condo building yesterday and noticed there are a lot of cracks on the building outside wall. The building was built in 2005 so it is relatively new...
  5. Remodeling
    I will be replacing a load bearing wall with a drop steel beam. The beam will be supported with steel columns. My question is: The current floor is Terrazo, so will I need to cut through the Terrazo to the slab for the column connection with the anchor bolts? Thank you
  6. Plumbing
    Hi everyone. I have a quick question about a steel pipe. There is a small nail or piece of metal sticking out in the middle of the pipe. I need to stick a piece of PVC pipe into it for a project that I am doing and it looks like the screw is about 6 to 10 inches away from the end of the pipe...
  7. Plumbing
    I want to replace my old washing machine and toilet supply hoses (many years old, toilet hoses are plain plastic). Who makes the best braided stainless steel flexible inlet hose for washing machines? Google searches turned up references to Watts and FluidMaster. I don't want the...
  8. Building & Construction
    I'm building a steel deck and have yet to figure out how I'm going to do the stairs. I want to build them out of steel and dont have the budget to have a fabricator build them for me. I guess all I really need is help with is the stringers. The material I'm using it to cover the risers is 3"...
  9. Building & Construction
    Hello this is a great forum. I have been searching for how to frame steel stud interior partitions when I have walls that do not divide into whole stud spacing. In wood framing they just leave the last bay the last remaining inches of the wall as long as it is less than 16 or 24 on center when...
  10. Plumbing
    I am trying to remove some galvanized steel pipe in my house and replace with PEX. There is an area where I have a 3/4 inch steel pipe that meets another 3/4 inch steel pipe at a 90deg elbow. I am trying to remove the one and start the PEX from there; however, the pipe won't budge! I...
  11. Building & Construction
    Okay, I need help in choosing which walls studs to use for my house... but first the necessary info: Designed somewhat like a 2-story Colonial. Built using ICF external walls (6-8" cores) with a brick facade. Built using poured concrete foundation. Floors are (either) traditionally poured...
  12. Building & Construction
    My wife and I want a covered patio addition. 37' x 13' with load bearing posts at 33' and 12' from house. don't care if beam is steel or wood, contractor says it can't be done, I find that hard to believe.
  13. Plumbing
    Hello, I'm in the process of installing a tile shower. I had a plumber come in and do all the piping. He installed copper pippingor for the shower head outlet and the hand held outlet then he placed steel pipe to protect the fitting and to use as a guide for the holes to cutout in the hardie...
  14. Electrical
    I've recently finished my basement and was wondering if it is possible to mount regular device boxes for wood to steel studs. Ive got about 20 of these laying around and was wondering if there was a way i could use them?
  15. Project Showcase
    Hand-Made Driveway Bridge - Elba, MN, USA My dad, I and a few other guys built 2 bridges: the 1st is a stainless steel driveway bridge, and the 2nd is a stainless steel walking bridge, both over the same ravine. Also, the driveway bridge can hold 90 TONS, it has 6 stainless steel I-Beams w/ 86...
  16. Painting
    i bought a brand new steel entry door for my house and wanted to paint it. So i went and bought primer and acrylic paint. so i primed it and then masked everything off using painters tape then painted, let sit and dry for 24 hrs, went to peel tape off and took a sheet of paint off with it. It...
1-16 of 16 Results