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  1. Whole House Humidifiers - Pad vs Steam???

    So we currently have a Aprilarie 600 system that simply stopped working due to age. So we need to replace it - reading things indicates that the steam humidifier (Aprilaire 800) is the most efficient for getting real humidity into the house but the cost for the unit sn installation approches...
  2. Steam Generator Wiring Trouble/Confusion

    Hi all, I’m new to this site but I have no clue where else to look for help on the install of a new steam generator for a new master bath shower. I ordered a 6Kw steam generator from amazon, and while plumbing it in was a breeze, my issue was more with the electrical wiring, when I first wired...
  3. "off" switch for 240v steam generator

    I recently bought a thermasol steam generator system for a steam shower that I am installing in my house. It requires a 240v plug and I was wondering if I can install an "off" switch for something like this....just in case there is ever a problem, and I can't exactly get close to it to plug it...
  4. Converted coal to gas steam boiler leek.

    I have an old conveyed steam boiler with a leek in the jacket. I want to use Hercules liquid sealer. I added one quart but the leak is low and did not seal. Can I run the boiler with extremely low water to try and seal the crack? Should I clean the rust and slag scale off the boiler jacket...
  5. Radiator spud removal problem

    I am trying (hoping?) to move a one-pipe steam radiator over about a foot and a half or so. The plan was to remove the 'spud' from the radiator, thread ~24" length of pipe into the radiator, and use a basic straight coupling to connect the extension pipe to the spud and hence into the valve...
  6. Install Steam Humidifier above a-coil - gas furnace

    Hi there. Looking for professional advice regarding installing a steam humidifer (Honeywell TrueSteam HM512VPIAQ). Gas furnace with heat pump - dual energy. On my vertical furnace duct, I have 27 inches of clearance between the top of the A-coil and the top wall. -The installation manual...
  7. Repairing converted Steam to Hot Water Radiator system - HELP!

    OK. My parents house was built around 1910. It appears that the system was originally steam and later converted (a long time ago) to hot water. Upstairs radiators each have 2 shutoff valves and a steam release valve but none of the downstairs radiators have any of that. It is set up in 2 zones...
  8. Steam Shower Expert

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is William Conklin, I am the lead technition for . I have Personally been dealing with Modular steam Showers since 2005, doing everything from installing them to visiting overseas manufacturers. If anyone has questions reguarding them or needs help with an installation issue...
  9. Redlink THM5320R to a new Weil McLain EG gas fired steam boiler

    Hey gang - I am at my whits end and need some help. I just had a new Weil McLain EG Gas fired boiler installed for a single zone heat system. Of course the house is old and the thermostat is in an awful place. As a result I decided to install a new Honeywell Redlink Wireless system that uses...
  10. Zone Water Valve Problem

    So ok, I have two zone water valves from White Rodgers. One is for upstairs and the other one is for the basement. The one in the basement is giving me problems. The thermostats correctly opens them but it looks like it keeps moving them to the close position again because i feel the pipe and it...
  11. Price for Burnham MegaSteam396

    Does anyone know what the wholesale price of a Burnham MegaSteam396 is? I have a proposal in hand that quotes $4,900 for materials for the MST396. Included in the price are the boiler trim fittings, new oil line, and other materials. I am in Scituate, Massachusetts.
  12. lack of visible vapor in steam shower installation

    In Colorado Springs we had a 5' x 9' steam room with a Mr. Steam unit and it produced lots of visible vapor. We tried to duplicate that here in British Columbia with the same size room and steam unit and wall covering material. We get lots of hot moist air here, but very little visible vapor...
  13. Steam Heat Problem

    I'm new to having an account on the forum but have been reading other peoples questions and answers for sometime now and decided to best describe my situation I should just sign up. I have a one pipe steam heat system, with cast iron radiators that switch over from Iron pipe to copper in the...
  14. How to install thermostatic reactive valve and repack supply valve

    How To Guides
    So, I am new to all this and have found explicit descriptions of other people's work helpful. If you want to know how I tuned up the radiators in my one-pipe steam system read on.. This was a five hour project. All told, I replaced vents on 5 radiators and repacked two valves. Costs...
  15. Converting Steam to hot water

    Our condo has 1-pipe steam which we want to convert to 2-pipe water using "single entry injection valve" (see ) technology. We plan on using pex and bypassing the old system entirely. Has anyone done this? Are there contractors who specialize in this?