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  1. puzzled by my stairwell framing

    Hi everyone So I was told by the contractor that renovated my house , a classic american four square from 1920, that the only load bearing wall is the wall that runs down the middle (really just off center) and is perpendicular to the floor joists that run from the exterior walls. Given that...
  2. Basement Stairwell Drain?

    General DIY Discussions
    I have an outdoor stairwell of approx 5 steps that lead to a basement door. This used to be completely covered and encased with a wood framed building with an upper door and roof, but this was removed so that a larger deck could be placed over the stairway with a trap door in the deck to...
  3. insulating attic stairwell?

    I've got a walk-up attic stairway. Actual steps, not the fold up kind. I'd like to address insulating it. The stairs are wood and the walls next to it are 2x4 and have insulation in them. My concern is the amount of insulation in them (along with under the stairs) is quite a lot less than...
  4. Modifying existing (old) framing to extend stair opening

    Building & Construction
    I have a 100 year old home with a very low clearance (< 6 ft) above the stairs between the first and second floor. Moving furniture (or being tall) is really difficult in our home! Since I'm working on a reno on the second floor and have the floor joists exposed anyway, I thought I might take...
  5. Laminate stairwell troubles

    Hi there, I am installing a half inch laminate flooring on a stairwell with a platform and 90 degree turn. I am using stair nose pieces and I need help figuring out what to do on the platform and the side of the stair that is visible. I will post pictures to help you understand.
  6. drywalling steep stairwell ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    i have to drywall the top of a stairwell they had water damage and the piece was hanging and had bad water damage removing the old piece was easy.. up the later pull it down and cut it out and clean up now to put up the new piece and tape it i cant figure out how im going to do that because...
  7. Framing Support for Inside Corner on L-Shaped Stairwell

    I am converting a straight run staircase into L Shape Platform. The inside corner of the L is picking up a double 2x10 Header (carring a single 2x10 Joist) and a double 2x10 Trimmer. There is an existing internal partion below that I know I need to enhance to a post right below the inside...
  8. stairwell opening in wood joist floors

    Building & Construction
    What do you do when the width of the opening of your new stairwell doesn't butt up against an existing joist! No opening has been cut yet...still in the planning stage of the game. We are converting our attic into a living space and need to install a stairwell. Our house is pretty old and the...
  9. New rough opening to basement - spiral staircase

    Building & Construction
    I'm cutting a new rough opening in my floor for a spiral staircase. Please corroborate my findings if you can: A 61" staircase is about the minimum width necessary to achieve the 26" code minimum distance between the railing and the center pole The opening for this staircase should be about 4"...