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  1. Stairway remodel - adding hardwood

    Hello All - I have removed my worn out carpeting from the stairway and am on the way to a remodel project, details here: * Treads / risers - hardwood, stained a dark red/brownish color * New satin black iron twisted style balusters * Handrails and newel posts stained to hopefully match the new...
  2. HELP! Part VII

    Hello again, it's mister "biting off more than I can chew" Today's distress signal involves the stairs. Now I'm not going to be doing these this weekend (hardwood floors), but soon after they'll need to be addressed. Up to this point, my game plan was to do the following (this was BEFORE I...
  3. Hardwood flooring on stairs / split level

    Hi folks - Any advice on how to do hardwood on stairs? Could I install the normal planks for the tread and use nosing or do I need to buy the one-piece solid wood treads from the local flooring shop. I know the second option gets pretty pricey so I'd like to make the planks work if that's...
  4. Replace Wrought Iron interior railing

    General DIY Discussions
    Any idea what it would cost to remove an iron staircase railing and newel posts and replace with them with wood? The problem is that the railing in the hallway over the stairs is only about 32 tall inches and feels unsafe (code is 36 inches now). My wife also doesn't like the look of the...
  5. Replacing Carpet on Stairway with Wood

    I want to replace the carpet on my stairway. The problem I have is that on the bannister side of the stairs, there is already a portion that is made of wood. I have now determined that this wood is red oak. But, the wood is only 1/2" higher than the plywood, over which the carpet was...