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  1. Minwax Polyshades Removal

    Help! We wrongly applied a too thick layer of minwax polyshades to butcher block on a kitchen island. It looks terrible. How do we remove it?
  2. Changing color of existing finish on stairs

    I was wondering if there was to darken the color of my stairs and handrail to an ebony color without completely stripping and sanding them down. I would like them to be dark but not entirely opaque. Would adding some type of black dye to polyurethane allow me to achieve these results? I would...
  3. Mixing stain and polyurethane

    I have a birch shelves with a clear finish that I want to match my kitchen cabinets. I have some stain the color of the cabinets. Cane I mix the stain with polyurethane and go over the existing shelves? If so, what proportion of stain to poly? I've tried MINWAX polyshades and they don't have a...