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  1. Adding new insulation to attic

    This weekend I am going to add some more insulation to my attic. However, as I have been going through the attic and collecting the junk and other crap left behind I have discovered that rats, squirrels or other pests have been living there too. I have found tunnels and many 2" wide holes...
  2. desperately need help with rodent problem

    Pest Control
    ARGH! I had a huge post written about my rodent problem and it's gone! Long story short, pests in my house, think they are rats & mice, possibly squirrels, noises at night, smells bad in house, losing sleep, concerned about health and damage to air ducts, wiring, etc, not enough room in attic...
  3. Getting raccoon out of my attic

    Pest Control
    I keep hearing noises in my attic (more of a crawl space). My roofer identified the roof ventilator as the possible entry point and has sealed it with wire mesh. The pest control person I called 8 days ago was able to trap a couple of squirrels the first two days, but no more squirrels are...