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  1. Insulation
    This weekend I am going to add some more insulation to my attic. However, as I have been going through the attic and collecting the junk and other crap left behind I have discovered that rats, squirrels or other pests have been living there too. I have found tunnels and many 2" wide holes...
  2. Pest Control
    ARGH! I had a huge post written about my rodent problem and it's gone! Long story short, pests in my house, think they are rats & mice, possibly squirrels, noises at night, smells bad in house, losing sleep, concerned about health and damage to air ducts, wiring, etc, not enough room in attic...
  3. Pest Control
    I keep hearing noises in my attic (more of a crawl space). My roofer identified the roof ventilator as the possible entry point and has sealed it with wire mesh. The pest control person I called 8 days ago was able to trap a couple of squirrels the first two days, but no more squirrels are...
1-3 of 3 Results