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  1. Electrical
    I'm required to switch out current 200A two-pole feeder breaker with 150A two-pole (see pic of both in my panel). I've never done anything like this before. Here are the steps I'm thinking: 1) turn off power to at breaker 2) remove that connector to left of current 200A breaker (never seen...
  2. Electrical
    Hi - my inspector took a look at Electrical work in my house and he told me the 200amp breaker (pictured) needs to be at least 160amp or smaller. Basically at 80% or smaller than whats there. I don't know much about breakers and trying to find one online that I can swap out with this...
  3. Electrical
    The panel we're looking into is at a family member's house. It is a Square D QO 12M Seres E7 100 amp panel that appears to have 12 spaces for circuits. My question is, are tandem breakers (slim) allowed in this panel? I searched everywhere and can't seem to find anything on this model. There...
  4. Electrical
    I have a Square D panel. It has two bars where neutral wires can be connected. Does it matter which connection bar to use for given neutral wire coming into the panel? Thanks
  5. Electrical
    I have a HOMC42UC load center. I need to add a couple circuits. There are 40 slots which are full. I assume that means that there is the ability to put 2 tandem breakers in. I also assumed that they would be at the bottom, but they look the same as others. Anyone know if you can put tandems in...
  6. Electrical
    Hi everyone, as I am working on my grandmother's house I am running into all sorts of crazy finds and things that just make me want to scratch my head at times. Maybe someone can enlighten me on what I just found yesterday. Upon inspecting her electrical circuit breaker panel, it doesn't appear...
  7. Electrical
    Hello - I'm adding an 80 AMP sub-panel in my basement and curious as to which manufacturer is the best. I've been advised to use Square D panel and breakers. Does anyone have a preference and/or suggestions? I'm more much more concerned with quality as opposed to price. Thank you.
  8. Electrical
    long time viewer of this forum, first time posting. i just built a granny unit in my backyard and need to add power to it. I wanted a power panel with a meter and be mounted outside. so i found this square D main panel, everything looks good except I don't see a way to separate the ground and...
  9. Electrical
    I live in NJ in a town that follows NEC 2005 codes. I live in a ~1800square ft. house with 1 primary electric panel. Looking for planning help to prep for design and permit application. I'm looking to install a new sub-panel (Square D QO 100A / 20 slots / with 100A main breaker) very close to...
  10. Electrical
    I installed a new 30A breaker into my 200A Square D breaker box. The only intent for this 30A breaker is to run a single outlet. So I got 10/2 NM-B Romex, outlet housing and outlet. Connected black (Hot) cable to outlet brass connecter, white (Neutral) to the silver connecter, and ground...
  11. Electrical
    Are these Square D breakers rated for two wires?
  12. Electrical
    Hello, I have a triplex in southern california. I had a guy who works for a commercial electrician completely re-wire this whole place. We tested everything and it all worked fine. Now, we're at the final inspection stage of the project and we got called out because our AFCI breakers were...
  13. Electrical
    I was wondering if there are any limitations on where I can place double pole breakers in this QO-20M panel? (other that the fact that they need to be on seperate phases).
1-13 of 13 Results