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  1. Painting
    I am replacing the lap boards on my shed and considering paint it using a sprayer. The shed is 8x12, 8-12 ft tall. I own a Porter-Cable C2006 Type 3 pancake compressor. The rating of the compressor is 2.6 SCFM @ 90 with a 6 gallon tank. Are there any spray guns it can work with to spray...
  2. Painting
    I am looking at harbor freight website to buy a spray gun to paint exterior on shed in backyard. the paint is latex ..... I have a hausfed brand 2 hp air compressor which has 2 tanks.. Am not sure if I should buy hvlp gun or lvlp gun or what? Please advice? also I have lots interior...
  3. Painting
    Hi all, thanks in advance for your insight! I posted this on the woodworking site but didnt want to miss any insight from this group. I’m going to be doing an increased qty of furniture finishing, including stand alone pieces, cabinets, built-ins, etc., (mostly wood, some metal) and want to...
1-3 of 3 Results