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  1. Drywall & Plaster
    5 yrs ago I remodeled my empty attic in my 1927 bungalow. I had closed cell insulation foarm sprayed between the studs and the rafters all the way from the ceiling peak to the bottom of the roof (roof overhang/soffet/facia). I built knee walls. I put 1" rigid foam insulation onto the studs and...
  2. Painting
    Hello everyone! I've just repainted a room in our newly-purchased house. The walls had white flat paint; I repainted with a flat color. Unknown to me, some sections of the wall had been "touched up" by the previous owner with some sort of gloss. (I'm guessing semi-gloss.) The walls, on the...
  3. Electrical
    The trend is for spot lights, lots of them. Running on lower voltage (50v) means they draw lower current. Correct? Then a 20w spot is cheaper to run than a normal 20w bulb. Would that be 4/5 times cheaper or watt? Parden the pun.
  4. Electrical
    i live in a fairly new apartment in dublin, never had any problems with lights wireing or anything before, just got six spots/downlights with the transformer bits and a dimmer switch put in, they work fine when on full power but they flicker up and down when they are dimmed??? i watched how...
1-4 of 5 Results