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  1. Gas line Black Spot?

    Howdy folks, so I have a leak in my system, some background: - The system (brand new split unit) had been running ok for about 3.5 years - Currently, there is NO refrigerant AT ALL on the system (R410a) - HVAC specialist added about 300 PSI of nitrogen, and during the next 20, 30 minutes...
  2. "spot Painting over spot priming termite repairs

    My neighbor had some termite damaged repaired. basically they removed / cut out a section of damaged wood siding and replaced it with a new piece. and primed over the bare wood. they also repaired some area my filling with readypatch compound and primed the patch. He wants me to paint only the...
  3. How do I remove white spots on metal?

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    Ever since I bought my home I've noticed there's what appears to be white water spots on the metal doors, flashing, etc. Based on the patterns and locations I assume it's caused by the rain. I've tried everything from CLR to diluted vinegar to no avail. An no, it's not bird droppings...
  4. cabinet spots

    Hello everyone! I bought these Chinese cabinets a year ago and they have been great other that one major problem. The started developing moisture spots on the finish. I was able to buff with a dish sponge, some of the sports out. Wish they would have uses a quality finish on them Any...